Hustlers High Performance
Hustlers High Performance

Hustlers High Performance | Notes of Dark Cocoa, Spice, Molasses ☕☕☕☕

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Hustlers High Performance is a high-octane coffee blend engineered to ignite the relentless drive and unstoppable energy of hustlers. Crafted to empower peak performance and unstoppable achievement, each cup is your fuel for success.

Details behind the Blend:

Blend Hustlers High Performance – Javva Blend
Roast Profile Medium / Dark
Taste Notes Dark Cocoa, Spice, Molasses
Brazil, Dr Congo & Ethiopia Speciality Arabica & Robusta

Javva Blend - A Tripartite Coffee Symphony

Our Javva Blend is a harmonious trio, carefully composed of coffee beans from three distinctive origins: Brazil Natureza, Ethiopia Awash River, and DR Congo Robusta.

Variety: Yellow Catui, Mixed Heirloom & Robusta Process: Natural & Washed
Ethiopia Awash River - Where Tradition Meets Excellence
Brazil Natureza - A Taste of Untamed Nature
DR Congo Olive Mudekereza Robusta Organic - A Remarkable Source of Sustainably Grown Coffee

About This Coffee
This remarkable Organic / At Source + lot is a testament to the dedication of Mr. Olive Mudekereza, a Congolese farmer and visionary entrepreneur. Mr. Mudekereza stands as one of the South Kivu region's foremost coffee producers, excelling in the cultivation of both robusta and arabica coffee.

At Source: Pioneering Sustainability Insights
At Source, our innovative sustainability insights platform for agricultural supply chains, serves as a beacon for measuring social and environmental impact while catalysing transformation for farmers, communities, and ecosystems. This platform, conceived with a dual purpose, not only aids us in tracking our sustainability objectives but also empowers our customers to more effectively manage their own sustainability initiatives. By offering intuitive access to over 100 metrics, we can meticulously gauge our impact, equipping us to realize our sustainability vision on a grand scale.

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo Subregion: South Kivu Harvest Season: 2022/23 Producer Type: Single Estate Processing: Washed

Plant Species: Robusta Coffee Grade: DRC CR NAT HTM/N/M Screen Size: 15 Up Certifications: Organic Certified Bag Weight: 60 KG BAG Bag Types: Grain Pro / Ecotact

This coffee blend epitomizes the essence of Javva, where each bean's unique story and journey contribute to a blend that transcends the ordinary, delivering an exceptional coffee experience.