Dream to Achieve
Dream to Achieve

Dream to Achieve [Decaf] | Notes of Honey, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla ☕☕☕

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Immerse yourself in the rich and inspiring flavours of this decaf coffee blend, designed to ignite your aspirations and empower you to turn dreams into reality. Discover the motivation you need in each cup to transform your ambitions into achievements.

Details behind the Blend:

Blend Dream to Achieve
Roast Profile Medium
Taste Notes Honey, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla
Colombia Decaf Single Origin 100% Arabica

We proudly introduce yet another exceptional coffee resulting from our valued partnership with our suppliers. 

At the helm of our supply chain, a consortium of outstanding producers, is dedicated to nurturing and assisting smaller or less experienced members. Their mission encompasses providing production guidance and implementing rigorous quality control measures. Additionally, they facilitate the direct export of coffee from the farmers, thereby fortifying the supply chain and ensuring greater value accrues to the producers. 

The sugar cane decaffeination process, often referred to as the natural process decaf, employs Ethyl Acetate, an organic compound (C4H8O2) naturally occurring during the fermentation of fruits. This compound is commonly found in ripe bananas and is a by-product in beer production, among other applications. The facility we collaborate with in Colombia harnesses water sourced from the Navado el Ruis, a volcanic region nestled between Caldas and Tolima. Additionally, they utilize natural ethyl acetate extracted from fermented sugarcane, sourced in the southern region of Palmira, Colombia.

The decaffeination process initiates with steaming the coffee, enhancing its porosity and commencing the hydrolysis of caffeine, typically bonded to salts and chlorogenic acid within the coffee bean. Subsequently, the beans are submerged in an ethyl acetate solvent until a remarkable 97% of the caffeine content is successfully extracted. A final steam treatment is employed to eliminate any residual traces of the compound, leaving an ultimate residue level of ≥ 30 ppm, a significantly lower concentration than that found in a typical banana!

Variety | Castillo   
Process | Washed - EA Sugarcane Decaf
Altitude | 1550-1650 MASL