Kev and Chris's Java Journey: Week 1 at Smith & Wright Coffee Co

Sales, Smiles, and a Whole Latte Love:

The past seven days have been nothing short of extraordinary. We are delighted to announce that our initial foray into the world of coffee commerce has been met with tremendous enthusiasm. Our beans have found their way into 25 homes and businesses, awakening taste buds and sparking newfound appreciation for the art of brewing.


Media Buzz:

Imagine our surprise when the Grantham Journal (click to read) and the Newark Advertiser (click to read) came knocking on our door! The local newspapers have featured Smith & Wright Coffee Co in its latest edition, telling the tale of two friends who dared to dream and are now brewing their success. Check out the article for an inside scoop on our journey from bean to cup. 

Local Love:

The warmth and support from our local community have been overwhelming. Not only have we experienced a surge in online sales, but also, a couple of nearby stores have expressed interest in carrying our coffee on their shelves. This unexpected turn of events has broadened our horizons, making us even more committed to delivering quality beans to our neighbours.


In another exciting development, a local cafe has reached out to us, expressing interest in featuring our brews on their menu. The prospect of seeing our name on a cafe blackboard has us buzzing with anticipation. Who knows, you might soon be sipping on a delicious Smith & Wright latte at your favourite local spot!


Rollercoaster Ride:

Now, let's talk about the emotional rollercoaster. From the exhilarating highs of our first sale to the nail-biting moments waiting for the press to hit, it's been a week of intense feelings. But hey, what's a startup without a few bumps along the way? Every challenge has only fuelled our determination to roast, grind, and brew the best darn coffee you've ever tasted.

Looking Forward:

Stay tuned for more updates, promotions, and maybe even a sneak peek into our coffee lab! If you haven't joined the Smith & Wright Coffee Co family yet, what are you waiting for? Let's caffeinate the world, one cup at a time.

Until next time, brewtiful souls!

Kev and Chris Smith & Wright Coffee Co