Brewing Success: Week 3 Adventures at Smith & Wright Coffee Co! ☕🌈

Greetings, coffee enthusiasts! Kev and Chris from Smith & Wright Coffee Co here, back with the scoop on our caffeinated journey in Week 3. Buckle up for another week of fun, flavour, and a dash of adventure!

Sales Samba: Progressing with Panache! 💃

Our sales dance continues, and we're grooving with joy as the numbers progress. Your love for our blends fuels our passion, and we're brewing up more excitement for your taste buds!

Speciality Coffee

Socials Fiesta: Motivation, Education, and a Sprinkle of Comedy! 🎉📚😂

Another week, another fiesta on our socials! Expect more motivation to kickstart your day, educational titbits to deepen your coffee knowledge, and of course, a dash of comedy to keep the laughs brewing.

Amazon Adventure: Building a Coffee Haven! 🚀☕

We've been hard at work building our store on the mighty Amazon platform. Yes, it came with its challenges—we even got the title of "Amazon violator" at one point. But fear not, coffee comrades, we've conquered the hurdles, and our Amazon store will be live shortly. Get ready to click your way to coffee bliss!




Grant Gurus: Scaling Up with Smith & Wright! 💼🚀

A fantastic meeting unfolded this week as we delved into grant and funding opportunities. The aim? Scaling up the Smith & Wright brand to new heights. Exciting adventures are on the horizon, and we can't wait to bring you along for the ride!

Speciality Coffee

Blend Banter: Dark vs. Mid-Range Showdown! ☕🤔

Kev here! Chris and I had a friendly debate about our favorite blends. I'm all about that dark magic—Innovation Ignitor and Hustlers High Performance are my go-to choices. Chris, on the other hand, prefers the mid-range vibes, and the No Joke Blend is his afternoon champion. 

2024 Coffee Crystal Ball: Bright and "No Joke"! 🔮🌟

Peering into the coffee crystal ball for 2024, we foresee a surge in specialty coffees. From small roasteries to large coffeehouses, get ready for diverse blends catering to specific tastes. Picture single-origin beans and brews infused with locally sourced wonders like French Lavender or Turkish rose. The future is bright, and 2024 is going to be "No Joke" for us!



Stay caffeinated, friends, and join us for the exciting sips ahead. Cheers to another week of coffee adventures!

Warmly, Kev and Chris Smith & Wright Coffee Co 🌈☕