Brewing Success at Smith & Wright Coffee Co.! ☕🚀

Hello, fantastic coffee enthusiasts! We're back with exciting news and aromatic vibes. Sales are picking up, and the coffee community is buzzing with life. Chris and I have had a dynamic week, bidding a fond farewell to our beloved seasonal blend, "Founder's Fortune." Fear not, as we unveil our newest creation: "Eternal Drive," a medium roast with delightful notes of chocolate and zesty fruit pastille. Brace yourselves; this one's a game-changer!


But wait, there's more! We created our very first limited edition Valentine's blend that was a big hit! Because, let's face it, nothing sparks energy and passion like a sip of our exceptional coffee. Our socials are on fire, especially on TikTok. Yes, we handle it all ourselves – no outside help, just pure Smith & Wright flair.

On the innovation front, we're brewing up a pre-workout coffee drink for the health and fitness aficionados out there. Stay tuned for that burst of energy! On a slightly less thrilling note, we're still in an Amazon waiting game for our store approval. Who knew this process could be such a caffeine-free challenge?

In other exciting developments, we've joined forces with food and drink influencers who've given our blends the thumbs up. These partnerships, rooted in belief in our brand, are the heart of Smith & Wright. And guess what? Our Coffee for Teams initiative is a hit, converting local businesses into die-hard fans of our No Joke Signature Blend.

We've officially tossed our coffee trailer application into the ring. Fingers crossed, soon we'll be bringing our coffee cupping sessions to a corporate event near you. Stay safe, enjoy your weekend, and until next time, peace out and sip on! ☕✨