Brewing Bright Beginnings: Week 5 Adventures at Smith & Wright Coffee Co!

Brewing Bright Beginnings: Week 5 Adventures at Smith & Wright Coffee Co! ☕🌟

Happy New Year, coffee enthusiasts! As we step into the canvas of 2024, Kev and Chris from Smith & Wright Coffee Co extend our warmest wishes to you all. Here's a peek into our first week of the year—a mix of tranquillity, reflections, and exciting plans brewing on the horizon!

Quiet Moments and System Spruce-Ups:

The first week of the year has been a serene one, as many of you enjoyed cherished moments with loved ones. Likewise, we took a breath and indulged in some downtime. But behind the scenes, it was all systems go as we meticulously completed maintenance on our processes, websites, and online stores. A little quiet doesn't mean we aren't gearing up for an exhilarating year ahead!

Social Media Buzz: Product Extravaganza!

Our socials have been buzzing, and you might have noticed a shift toward more product-related content. Brace yourselves for a delightful blend of educational content and tantalizing coffee recipes. We're on a mission to not just brew great coffee but also share the secrets to savoring it to the fullest.

On the Road with Smith & Wright: The Coffee Trailer Debut!

2024 marks a significant investment for us—a coffee trailer! Get ready for Smith & Wright to hit the road, bringing our coffee experience to the masses. It's our way of spreading the love for exceptional coffee far and wide.

Future-Focused Conversations: Bright Horizons Ahead!

Conversations are flowing with cafes, restaurants, and local shops, painting a picture of a bright future for Smith & Wright in the new year. The support and enthusiasm from our partners and potential collaborators are the fuel that keeps our coffee adventure going strong.

Latte Art Adventures: Picasso in Progress!

Exciting news on the horizon! Both Chris and I are gearing up for our annual barista refresher training. Get ready for some latte art that might just rival a Picasso masterpiece! Watch this space for coffee creations that are as visually appealing as they are delicious.

Innovative Marketing and a Wink to Radio Listeners!

New year, new strategies! Expect to hear more from us, especially if you're a keen radio listener. We're exploring innovative ways to share the Smith & Wright story, so keep those ears perked!

Trending Coffee Talks: Rise of Robusta!

In the world of coffee trends, all eyes are on Robusta. Traditionally overlooked in specialty coffee, Robusta is making waves, accounting for 40% of the market. With rising prices and inflation, is Robusta set to become the new coffee darling? I, for one, am a Robusta enthusiast, but we'll see if it's everyone's cup of coffee.

That's a wrap for now! Here's to a fantastic 2024 filled with aromatic brews, exciting adventures, and, of course, plenty of good coffee. Cheers to the journey ahead!

Warm regards, Kev and Chris at Smith & Wright Coffee Co ☕🚀

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