Eternal Drive | Notes of Milk Chocolate, Zesty Fruit Pastille ☕☕☕
Eternal Drive | Notes of Milk Chocolate, Zesty Fruit Pastille ☕☕☕

Eternal Drive | Notes of Milk Chocolate, Zesty Fruit Pastille ☕☕☕

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 A smooth and elegant coffee blend, crafted to awaken your mind and engulf your senses with unstoppable energy ☕

Details behind the Blend:

Blend Eternal Drive
Roast Profile Medium
Taste Notes Smooth Milk Chocolate, Zesty Fruit Pastille
El Salvador, Kenya & Brazil
100% Arabica

Eternal Drive, a masterful amalgamation of flavours and ethical practices, is not just a coffee; it's a testament to the harmony of sustainability, community empowerment, and artisanal craftsmanship in the coffee industry. This blend is a collection from smallholder farmers across diverse regions, each contributing unique characteristics that intertwine to create a cup that is both a sensory delight and a story of eco-conscious innovation.

From the fertile highlands of El Salvador, Kenya, and Brazil, this blend brings together a trio of distinct coffee profiles, unified by the commitment of their producers to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. The journey begins with El Salvador's Las Mercedes, a region renowned for its pristine natural beauty and rich coffee heritage. Here, the coffee is produced using the washed process, a method that not only accentuates the coffee's intrinsic flavors but also reflects a deep respect for the environment. The varietals used, Bourbon and Caturra, are grown under the canopy of native trees, ensuring biodiversity and soil health. The farmers of Las Mercedes have embraced organic fertilizers and water conservation methods, ensuring that their footprint on the earth is as light as the delicate notes of milk chocolate in the cup.

The blend then travels to the rolling hills of Kiambu in Kenya, where the coffee is cultivated under similar environmentally conscious methods. The Kenyan component, comprising the revered SL14, SL28, and Ruiri 11 varietals, is processed using the washed method. This not only highlights the coffee's clarity and complexity but also minimizes water usage. The farmers of Kiambu are pioneers in sustainable farming practices, employing techniques like mulching and shade-growing to enhance soil fertility and protect the region's natural ecosystems. The result is a coffee that sings with the brightness of fruit pastels, a lively contrast to the smooth chocolate notes.

Completing the trio is Brazil's contribution from the Mantiquirea Mountains. Here, the Yellow Bourbon varietals are processed using the natural method, a testament to the producers' ingenuity in adapting to the region's climate while minimizing environmental impact. This process, which involves drying the coffee cherries in the sun, reduces water usage and energy consumption. The farmers of the Mantiquirea Mountains are committed to sustainable land management, using practices such as intercropping to maintain soil health and preserve biodiversity.

Eternal Drive is not just a collection of coffee from smallholder farmers; it is a celebration of their resilience, innovation, and dedication to sustainable practices. Each sip tells a story of communities coming together to preserve their land and culture while producing coffee that delights and inspires. The blend's notes of milk chocolate and fruit pastels are a tribute to the diverse landscapes and people that have nurtured these beans from soil to cup. It is a coffee that invites you to savour not just its taste but its journey – a journey of respect for the earth and a vision for a sustainable future in coffee production.